BETRAINED programs provide FREE Body Fat/Muscle Testing


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Your BeTrained program includes FREE regular body composition analysis!

Using the latest BIA Biological Impedance Detection equipment we will measure your progress and success throughout your BeTrained program.


Perhaps the easiest way to describe what BIA measures is:

  • How much muscle you have gained

  • How much fat you have burnt

Based on new DXA statistical methods, our BIA equipment has significantly less margin of error than traditional scales/BMI.

In addition to showing you what percentage of your body is muscle and fat, our equipment will also provide analysis of:

  • Skeleton (Bone) Weight

  • Waist:Hip Ratio - Your Fat Distribution
  • Water Ratio
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR) - Energy Used At Rest
  • Dietary Reference Intake

BeTrained unique combination of Personal Training, Gym Access, Group Classes, Nutritional Advice AND Technology will get you to your goals faster!