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Fitness Philosophy

Being a naturopath and trainer I know the importance food and exercise has on overall health and wellness. I understand the time pressures we face in a modern life and thus make sure that exercise are worthwhile by using high intensity training combining cardio and resistance.


Best advice

When you workout, push yourself hard. Don’ t let your head tell you to give up. Also don’t forget about incidental exercise. It all counts!


Biggest health vice

Hot Chips and not pushing myself hard enough when doing cardio


How do I stay in shape?

I enjoy team sports and play competitive hockey and social floorball. I do weights and cardio at the gym 4x week. Food wise I try and reinvent recipes to make them healthier.


What’s your speciality?

Weight loss, Detox, HIIT, Toning, Natural Nutrition







Fitness Philosophy

Perfect technique mixed with high intensity of effort added to a balanced program, and good clean eating equals amazing results. 


Best Advice

Work on finding that mind muscle/body connection and try and feel what you are working.  Resist the urge to train mindlessly and challenge yourself to improve in some way in each and every workout.  Focus on constant and never ending improvement.

Biggest health vice

My biggest health vice would have to be fast food and chocolate.  I still struggle with this on a daily basis.


How do I stay in shape?

I am currently doing resistance training 4 – 5 times a week and do low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio 3 times a week.  As summer approaches I’ll start doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) to lean myself out a bit.  I also enjoy playing golf at least once a week and enjoy yoga when I can to compliment the resistance training and keep myself mobile.


What’s your speciality?

My main speciality is in the area of short term transformation training.  I have done countless 10 and 12 week challenges over the years and have had an amazing success rate during this time.  If you have an upcoming holiday, or maybe a wedding coming up then I’m your man.  I also specialise in training bodybuilders and have had quite a number of successful bodybuilders train under me over the years.  





Fitness Philosophy

Due to my own life changing moment from a Major stroke in 2018, I now view health and fitness as a life saver.  Exercise has helped me overcome chronic fatigue, significantly improve my mobility and strength even beyond what it was before. It has also helped me find that inner strength that we all have to help us dig deep and get through anything. I view this as a superpower because when we find our inner strength it helps us feel better than ever and gives us a feeling of being unstoppable.

Staying positive and focusing on what’s important to us can help with that drive and push us through the day like that superpower giving us that strength and improving ourselves for life.

Exercise can and will improve your health and become your life saver too.


Best advice

Finding that part of you that never quits and never say you can’t do it, because you can. Don’t be hard on yourself, there will be days were you feel like it’s too hard but remember that through consistency and perseverance it will pay off and you will reach your goals.

Biggest health vice

My biggest health vice would be having biscuits with my hot drink in the evening, which sometimes can be one to many, fighting that urge doesn’t always work.


How do I stay in shape?

Even though I’m still working through my own weight loss journey, I have a daily routine walking and staying active as much as possible and getting to the gym at least 5-6 times a week which consists mostly of endurance resistance/weight training. And following a fairly strict daily diet limiting fats and sugars only eating natural and unrefined sources.


What’s your specialty?

Through my own life experiences and  study, my specialty is working on mobility and strength improvement.

I have a first-hand understanding of weight loss, lack of mobility and strength and how to best work through the process that keeps you safe and is sustainable for the long term. I want to help you on your own journey and help you in achieving your desired health and fitness goals.

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